Retired NFL Player Talke About Motivation

Mitch Mathews was a wide receiver for the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, Cleveland Browns, Minnesota Vikings and Miami Dolphins. He currently owns his own company named Anthem, and has always loved motivational speaking. In this interview he talks about motivation and how to stay motivated during the coronavirus quarantine.

Resources for Easter Fun While Staying Home

The COVID-19 coronavirus will make this Easter different than ever before. Non-profits like the Speedy Foundation are joining together to help families find resources to still have fun, including a virtual Easter egg hunt. We talked to Shannon Decker with the Speedy Foundation about the resources.

Animal Shelters going through COVID-19

Kristin Sanger the executive director at Snake River Animal Shelter about how COVID-19 is affecting animal shelters and what this means for the animals.

Newspapers Will Advertise Local Businesses for Free

Adams Publishing Group has decided to advertise local businesses that are staying open during the stay at home order, for free. Travis Quast the regional President and publisher of Adams Publishing Group in East Idaho and Utah talks about who they want to help businesses and keep their readers informed.

Scammers Trying to Take Advantage of Home Workers

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 there are more people working from home, but scammers are trying to take advantage of this. Jeremy Johnson, the Eastern Idaho marketplace manager for Better Business Bureau talks about what you can do to stay safe.

"Dream Girl"

Dream Girl is a student short film created and directed by Derek Romrell. A year and a half since its release, the movie has earned multiple awards and continues receiving recognition from the video community.