• Professional photo of newly called vice president Rob Garrett

    BYU-Idaho calls new vice president to new department

    Rob Garrett has been appointed to serve as the Vice President for Executive Strategy and Planning, a new department created due to the growth of the university.

  • Professional photo of BYU-Idaho faculty member Scott Franson

    Art Faculty Discusses New Spori Art Exhibit

    Scott Franson spoke to BYU-Idaho Radio about his new exhibit in the Spori Art Gallery, "Modules, Patterns and Repeats."

  • Three people who work in the medical field smiling for the camera

    Medical Assistant Major Closes at BYU-Idaho

    Students will no longer be able to register for the Medical Assistant major at BYU-Idaho, or any of the classes in that program.

  • David Archuleta, Nathan Pacheco, and the BYU-Idaho symphony in the BYU-I Center at the 2016 BYU-Idaho Christmas Concert

    Behind the Scenes of the 2016 BYU-Idaho Christmas Concert

    A behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to put on a production at the BYU-Idaho Center.