Sheriff Rick Henry was sworn into office on Jan. 9 after working as the chief deputy in Teton County for 8 years.

Henry said he doesn't plan to change too much within the sheriff's department, except a few minor things.

"My deputies are required to stop into any school that they may drive by," Henry said. "They're required during every set of their shifts, for the day guys, to have lunch in any school at least once during their shift."

Henry said that is something they did in Teton County and he couldn't find a reason not to do it in Madison County.

"Really all that is an opportunity for all those guys to stop in and be visible and be in the schools, and it doesn't cost anything," Henry said.

He also said he's hoping non-profit organizations in the community will reach out to the department to implement them in the work the programs are doing.

"I don't know how we fit in sometimes, but we want to fit in and we want to help you wherever we can help you," Henry said.

He said he's grateful for the employees at the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

"As we've gotten to know them, we're impressed everyday with things that they're doing," Henry said. "We're impressed with who they are - on and off the job. They've been great people."

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