Courtesy of Create LDS Media

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints uses media every day.  From Facebook and Twitter, to Church magazines and even performances by the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  To help feed all the outlets and needs for different media, the church has created a website called create.lds.org which allows members to submit their own photos, music, design, and videos to share their talents with the Church. Scott Olson the Product Manager for the Church's Publishing Services Department says they are in need of member's creativity. "It's a great way to share your media and it does need to be very high quality, crisp, sharp photos but the Church uses them all the time," he said.

When you submit media, you grant the LDS Church a worldwide license to use, copy, reformat, and distribute your material. I asked Olson why the Church needs so much and he says everything is always changing like fashion and technology. So the Church wants to always keep everything up to date.

On create.lds.org they also have missionary opportunities where you can become a Church-service missionary photographer or videographer.

As a Church-service missionary photographer or videographer, you will take photos or videos for lds.org, for church magazines, for posters, for videos, or for in any of hundreds of other projects.

"In fact, every week between three and five hundred photos downloaded by church employees for use in pretty much anything you can imagine," Olson said.

There are tips, tricks, and training so anyone can get involved.