Visitors of the Museum of Idaho get to experience hands on learning with inventions from ancient scholars at their new traveling exhibit, Archimedes: Science and Innovations.

 It is now open to the public and will be at the museum until September 25, 2019.

  One that’s quite commonly used now is this this is the Archimedes screw. So there are balls in there somewhere. You turn this so you see they start there at the bottom, basically just by using the shape of the spiral you can get them to move up.”

  Jeff Carr, the director of public relations for the museum, talks about some interactive displays they have.

 And so this is actually a way that is certain parts of the world especially third world people still use to move water up hill.”

 The exhibit includes several other inventions and puzzles that utilizes Archimedes’ ideas of physics and mathematics. 

 This exhibit also features other early scholars, Leonardo Davinci and Galileo Galilei, with some of their greatest inventions including the early idea of the helicopter and the exercise machine that uses Archimedes’ idea of the pulley system. 

 This is the last traveling exhibit to be in this wing of the museum. 

 The museum is currently undergoing construction for new additional space for the traveling exhibits. A new permanent exhibit called Way out West will take the space of the current traveling exhibits, where they will unveil its full-scale mammoth that has been in storage for 15 years.   

 “We had a great opportunity to go to a number of communities and gather stories from the whole region so we are really able to represent a lot of different regions and a lot of different stories from Idaho for that exhibit so were really excited about it.” Says Museum Curator Carrie Anderson Athay.

The Archechimedes exhibit will be at the Museum of Idaho until September 25, 2019.  

The new addition is expected to be finished later this summer.

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