If you live in Rexburg, you have probably heard the news, a new Denny’s and Wendy’s are coming to Rexburg. Due to supply chain issues the projects were delayed. Scott Johnson, who works as director of Economic Development and Public Relations for Rexburg, says the projects will likely begin in the spring.  

But Denny’s and Wendy’s are not the only new businesses coming to town.  

“There is quite a bit that is on my desk right now,” Johnson said. “There is quite a myriad of companies that we’re working with right now, and we’re excited about that.” 

Johnson can’t provide specifics while projects are underway. However, his office is eager to help those considering starting a business. They are prepared to answer questions and help entrepreneurs find locations. Every year the office averages 1,200 business registrations from businesses big and small. For example, the office is currently working with a barber.  

“We’re excited to help all of those businesses… get going for our community,” Johnson said.   

Johnson is especially excited to see businesses that are bringing higher paying jobs. This has a snowball effect, bringing retailers to the town as residents have more spending power.  

Due to his job title, Johnson is used to hearing about the businesses that residents want.  

“Everybody has their own wish list and I hear about it all the time,” Johnson said.  

But bringing businesses to Rexburg isn’t simple. Population, income level and other factors influence a retailer’s decision. Johnson works to show businesses that Rexburg is a good place to locate, even though income levels are low on paper due to the town’s student population. However, an increase in census numbers has made the town more attractive to retailers.  

“We’re getting closer to some magic numbers,” Johnson said.   

Johnson also hears rumors. One rumor that circulated social media claimed that the city is trying to prevent business and growth in Rexburg. Johnson says that is not true. He and his office work to not only attract businesses but provide resources to support local businesses too.  

“It’s amazing how many rumors are out that just are not accurate,” Johnson said, “We welcome businesses, and we strive to make sure that they’re here and have the opportunity to be very successful in our community.”