On Tuesday, September 1, Brother Kerry Lawrence, the Print and Copy Services manager at BYU-Idaho, spoke during a BYU-Idaho devotional for the Summer Session. 

His talk was entitled, “Navigating Through Our Mortal Journey. Hspoke about remembering to accomplish the small and simple tasks so that we can become what we want to become at the end of our lives. 

Our destination should be immortality and eternal life, to return and live with Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ, and our families, forever,” Lawrence said.  

During this time of loud and scary worldly events, he shared how to navigate to a place where we feel peace. 

Through all this confusion and commotion, focus on what is really important and don’t lose sight of your goal and destination,” he said. “Remember, only by living the gospel can we find true joy and happiness. 

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio Lawrence explained that choosing the right is important, but also not making bad choices is just as important 

“If you start to justify just a little thing, then that can grow into something a little bit bigger and a little bit bigger until you turn around and you are at a point where you are in trouble,” he said. 

He encouraged those who are changing and choosing repentance to keep on that path. Lawrence said it won’t be easy if you have found yourself far down the path of sin, but that it is so worth it in the end to get back on the path. 

“Give all the faith and hope and prayers that you can,” he said. “Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, He is there for us. All we have to do is reach out.” 

Lawrence asked listeners to make sure to note our journeys along the way and he recommended that people refer to those defining moments often.  

“Sometimes we don’t recognize until it is well-passed, but we look back and say, ‘Oh yes, that was a defining moment in my life,’” he said.  

By choosing the Lord and His path every day we can navigate life and be proud of what we have accomplished along the way, he said.