September is National Honey Month. Browning’s Honey in Idaho Falls is one of the largest beekeeping operations in the country. Browning’s Honey has been family-run for five generations and celebrated its 100th anniversary last year.  

Cynthia Browning, who does everything in the business except beekeeping, says honey benefits your cholesterol, wards off heart disease, increases brain function and improves your blood sugar digestion. It can also be used for skin care and to treat wounds.   

“Honey is definitely a super food,” Browning said. “Honey is the one food that does not spoil.” 

Of course, there would not be honey without the hard work of millions of bees. Browning says the bee population in Idaho is on a decline, like it is in much of the world. This is a problem because the ecosystem is dependent on the pollination of wildflowers and trees, 80% of which is done by honeybees. 

Browning listed a few ways people can help the honeybee population. You can buy honey from your local beekeeper, keep herbs or flowering plants in your yard and keep a patch of dandelions on your yard, which are the first food source for the bees. 

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