Nate Williams

BYU-Idaho religion professor, Nate Williams, was the devotional speaker on June 19.

The title of his talk is “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.”

Williams said he knew that this was what he wanted to speak on, the moment he was asked to talk in devotional.

“It seemed pretty clear the moment they asked me to speak at devotional, that this was the subject I should speak on,” Williams said. “I just settled on it and went to work trying to figure out everything that would be wise and inspiring, hopefully to say about that subject that could hopefully bless one student here at this university in understanding the great truth of the worth of the soul.”

Williams began by sharing a story about a time when his nephew went missing for a short time. He said that experience made him think about the things that were truly important in his life.

“Seth’s brief, dramatic disappearance has caused me to frequently reflect upon the worth of a soul and what really matters in life,” Williams said.

He said he finds it interesting how we will each have experiences in our own lives that reminds us of what really matters most.

“Sometimes we forget to keep that perspective,” Williams said. “We get going through life and focusing and enjoying so many other wonderful things about life that we might forget to either articulate it or keep it alive, that great truth of how much the savior means and how understanding the meaning of his life helps us have a deeper understanding of our own lives.”

Continuing with his devotional, Williams said the worth of a soul is understood and measured the best when it is done through the influence and teachings of the Spirit.

He said he centered his talk on three questions: What is a soul? What does the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ reveal about the worth of a soul? How can I better come to understand the worth of a soul in the sight of God?

Williams said all of the questions go back to point of understanding eternal truths that help give perspective of the importance of the value of a soul.

“There are many people in the world who believe that the worth of a soul is great but they might not have an understanding of God’s plan about why that soul is great, or what even is a soul,” Williams said.

He said he asks those questions to be able to help people have doctrinal understanding to the feelings that most human beings have about why someone matters to them.

Williams said one main point he tries to make in his talk is to make people think about how it is not possible to understand the worth of a soul if the atonement is not understood also.

“When I say understand it, I not only mean doctrinally being able to think about it but also feel it and understand the reality of that and what it means to each of us personally and all of His children,” Williams said.

He said we are living in a world which is confused about the worth of a soul and is desperate need of the perspective which comes when the Savior and His gospel is embraced.

Williams said one of the main takeaways he hopes those who listen to his message receive is that the Lord lives.

“There is a Savior and he lives,” Williams said. “He has made an infinite and eternal sacrifice for you and for every one of his children, and as you come to know and experience that you will have great love and confidence in your heart for the rest of your life.”