Join Mike Super, commonly known as “The Mystifier,” Friday, May 3 at 7:30 p.m. in the Hart Auditorium for some fun and magic.

Super is returning to BYU-Idaho’s Center Stage for his second performance on campus. He said he has stayed up late nights preparing new surprises and magic for the show.

From the age of six, Super has loved magic. He remembers being smitten by it when he saw a magician performing tricks at Disneyland.

Super decided to make this a career when he saw that performing magic was exceeding the income he would receive from a degree in computer science.

Super is often referred to as “The Mystifier.” He did not like the connotations that came with being called a magician or illusionist, so he made up a new name for himself. Today, other magicians are also taking on the name as mystifier, which Super said is a huge compliment.

“I always say I’m a Mystifier because the show starts before I even get there because people are like, ‘what is a mystifer?’” Super said. “So right there, people are already asking questions.”

The term mystifier allows Super to do many different acts of magic without being restrained to just illusion, sliding cards or mind reading games.

In 2014, Super was selected as one of the finalists for America’s Got Talent. He beat out 800,000 contestants and feels happy that he got as far as he did. “You never lose, even if you don’t win,” Super said.

Super also got to be a part of the show called “Phenomenon,” hosted by Criss Angel. He competed for America’s vote, and won $250,000.

A highlight of Super’s career has been performing magic for celebrities. He said we all experience magic in the same way. He enjoys building a common thread with his audience.

Friday, Super will perform a new piece of magic. He explained how he is going to try a form of time travel, and that technology will be used to help fuel that. “Audiences have been gasping about this,” Super said.

Super explained that his show is something for the whole family to go to.

“This is one of the few things where a family can bond together and enjoy it,” Super said. “Maybe on different levels, but they enjoy it together which in today’s world is kind of rare, so I’m very proud of that.”

He hopes to see everyone come out and watch his magic.