BYU-Idaho Radio · My Quick Pitch App

If you’re looking for a new job, this new app might be for you.  

Retired BYU-Idaho professor, Jeff Hochstrasser, wanted to create a platform for job seekers to introduce themselves to employers in a way more personal than a resume.  

Hochstrasser’s app is called My Quick Pitch and allows job seekers to record a 60-second video introducing themselves to share with potential employers.  

The idea came to Hochstrasser in 2018 when he taught a media sales class at BYU-Idaho. 

“On the first day, they were going to have to present a 60-second elevator pitch,” Hochstrasser said, “And not only would they have to give an elevator pitch, but they’re going to have to tell us who they’re in the elevator with. Who would be the ideal person that you want to work for?” 

Users receive a link to their video, which they can attach to a resume, LinkedIn or send directly to employers.  

Recruiters can review videos on the accompanying website, 

My Quick Pitch is currently available to Apple devices with Android coming soon.