The Art Museum of Eastern Idaho in Idaho Falls is currently hosting a temporary exhibit, SARA: Myth, Dream and Dramatic Episodes, on loan from the private collections at the University of Idaho Prichard Art Gallery.

Miyai Abe Griggs, executive director of the museum, said the Prichard Art Gallery contacted the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho with the traveling exhibit of Sara Joyce's art, inspired by her dreams chronicled in her daily journals.

"We were delighted to showcase Sara's work," Griggs said. "She was actually primarily in Eastern Idaho, for the most part in the Pocatello area, and so any opportunity that we have to showcase Idaho artists, we really appreciate and look forward to."

Griggs said Idaho Falls is the first location where the artist's friends and family can see her artwork in a place that inspired her.

"She was interesting lady," Griggs said. "She passed away in 2011, at the age of 88, and she was a self-taught artist, but tremendously prolific. She was an artist at heart, she just needed to produce art."

The exhibit is available at the Art Museum of Eastern Idaho until Feb. 25. For more information on the exhibit, visit their website, www.theartmuseum.org.

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