The Museum of Idaho had to close for three months at the beginning of COVID-19, but it is now back and better than ever!  

The museum is offering several different programs for both adults and children. Including summer camps for kids and “Museum After Dark” nights for adults.  

Currently, the museum is featuring two great exhibits. The first is called “Way out West.” This exhibit highlights Idaho and parts of its history that may not be well known.  

“We really have a rich, and deep, and fascinating history. We just haven’t as a region been great at telling those stories in the past, so we’ve been working on telling those stories now,” said Jeff Carr, the senior director of external affairs for the Museum of Idaho.  

“Way Out West” features seven themed galleries that include artifacts and interactive elements for all ages.  

The second exhibit currently open is called “Body Worlds: Animals Inside Out.” It allows visitors to explore how animals move, breathe, eat and live. It includes actual preserved specimens like a giraffe, a giant squid, a human and more.  

Carr also said that, though he cannot divulge the names of the exhibits, they are currently in the process of signing contracts for two new and exciting exhibits that will be on display in the future. 

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