BYU-Idaho Radio · Mrs. Rexburg Hollin Parkinson shares her journey to the pageant stage

A battle with post-partum depression inspired Hollin Parkinson to take action. Today, she advocates for mental health awareness on social media, hosts gatherings for women and is gearing up to compete in the Mrs. Idaho America Pageant, representing Rexburg.  

The mother of three didn’t experience post-partum depression until after the birth of her third child.  

“It was a very dark and scary and experience. And it was foreign to me,” Parkinson said. “I had no idea what was going on.”  

After receiving help through medical treatment and counseling, Parkinson decided to reach out to other women and raise awareness around the struggles of mental health. Parkinson is grateful for the mental health treatment she received and wants to destigmatize conversations around mental health struggles.  

“I knew that other women… can’t feel like this alone,” Parkinson said.  

Parkinson named her Instagram account @turning.tulips after her favorite flower. The tulip is also a symbol of finding beauty in hard times, Parkinson says.  

“We’re turning these awful and ugly, deep, scary moments into something beautiful again, just like a tulip,” Parkinson said.  

The account serves as a platform to share stories from women and announce group gatherings. Most recently, Parkinson hosted a March Muffins event. She believes in the importance of a supportive community.  

Parkinson has been enjoying the preparation for the Mrs. Idaho America pageant in June. She especially enjoys getting to know her coach and her fellow contestants.  

“It’s just incredible what these women are raising their voices for and the people that they’re speaking for as well,” Parkinson said.