With so much happening in the world, all, while we are confined to our homes, finding peace and good news, seems harder to find. But with the first live BYU-Idaho devotional of the Spring 2020 semester, students had an opportunity to listen to an apostle and his wife.

Elder Dale G. Renlund of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and his wife, Sister Ruth L. Renlund, addressed the students live from Salt Lake City.

Elder Renlund's message focused on the ability to withstand 'seismic quakes' that happen in life.

“The base isolator of faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement and understanding how His Atonement is applied dampens the intensity of this metaphorical seismic hit. Our faith in Jesus Christ will allow us to remain standing and carry on despite the unfairness," Elder Renlund said during the live devotional.

Sister Renlund's message focused on the importance of keeping the commandments. She referenced a story from a safari tour in Africa to illustrate this vital principle.

"God’s commandments, brothers and sisters, were not given to prevent you from having fun or getting the pictures you want. God loves you and He wants you to return to your heavenly home. His commandments are for your spiritual protection and your happiness, even if you can’t see why," Sister Renlund said in her devotional address.

These messages come as messages of peace and hope during these trying times.

The Renlund's also took some time to speak to BYU-Idaho Radio before the devotional. Elder Renlund explained some of what the leaders of the Church are doing to help reach people while maintaining social distancing.

"The work of the Church still goes on," Elder Renlund said to BYU-Idaho Radio. "First Presidency and the Twelve meet in-person every Thursday, with many of the other meetings we try to meet remotely."

Elder Renlund also took some time to explain why health officials are putting so many measures in place to help stop the spread of the coronavirus.

"If we look at the 1918 flu pandemic, the best minds in the world…tried everything… nothing worked, except washing your hands, not touching your face, social distancing, and washing surfaces," Elder Renlund said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio. "The things that work for you and me will work for everybody."

During this time, Sister Renlund says all their travel plans got canceled, but they both are doing well.

During this time of trouble and uncertainty, one of the best things we can do is listen to the words of the Lord's special witnesses and putting the Lord first in all things that we do. As we focus on the gospel, things become more bearable, including the COVID-19 crisis