From Washington, D.C. to rural India, McArthur Krishna has been an artist, business owner, storyteller, mother and author. You might recognize her name from her most recent publications. The “Girls Who Choose God” series, “A Girl’s Guide to Heavenly Mother” and “A Boy’s Guide to Heavenly Mother” are available at Deseret Book.  

The “Girls Who Choose God” books tell the stories of women in the Bible, Book of Mormon and history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The book was inspired by the daughter of Krishna’s co-author, Bethany Brady Spalding. While looking through a scripture story picture book, she asked, “Where are the girls mom? I want to read about the girls.” Spalding called Krishna.  

“We need to tell these stories,” Spalding said. “Our children can imitate superheroes or… the people they see around them, or we can give them these righteous, powerful models of women in the scriptures." 

Krishna has also recently published books about Heavenly Mother. The doctrine of a Heavenly Mother is unique to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Although some members are hesitant to talk about Her, Krishna emphasizes that no prophet or apostle has ever discouraged members from discussing Heavenly Mother. She cites a study that is referenced by the Church in their gospel topics essay, “Mother in Heaven.” The BYU-led research entitled, “A Mother There,” concluded that no prophet or apostle has ever discouraged members from speaking about Heavenly Mother.  

“That taboo that we've all carried with us, we did to ourselves,” Krishna said. “Now the great thing about this that's good news: if we did it to ourselves, we can undo it." 

Krishna is working to undo this stigma, and help others connect with Heavenly Mother. She says that understanding Heavenly Mother’s significance can help in understanding the worth and power of women. For Krishna is it personal.  

“The most important thing to me is actually experiencing what it feels like to be loved your Heavenly Mother,” Krishna said. “That’s the most important thing.” 

As a mother, Krishna has seen the impact that learning about women in the scriptures and Heavenly Mother has had on girls. She in currently working on a project to compile vignettes, poems, photos and more about how women feel connected to Heavenly Mother. Entries can be sent to or @mcarthurkrishna_creates on Instagram and must be submitted by March 1.