BYU-Idaho Radio · "Make Christ the Center of Your Life"

During the BYU-Idaho Devotional on Sept. 29, Peter Williams, the online learning director of quality assurance and innovation for BYU-Idaho, spoke about making Christ the center of our lives.   

He began his address by talking about how Christ can help us during our personal storms. He invited students to think about Christ as they wrote questions in their journals to help them remember how to make Christ the center of their lives. 

“If our lives are centered in Christ and if we continually draw out strength from Him, we can have great hope that we will one day behold the beautiful fruit, even if we can’t yet see that success,” Williams said. 

He shared stories from his life about how he overcame trials by putting Jesus Christ first.  

“You can live successfully here if you choose to make Christ the center of your life!” Williams said 

BYU-Idaho Radio · Interview with BYU-Idaho Devotional Speaker Peter Williams

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Williams shared why he chose this topic.  

We all have challenges, but we don’t need to fear. We need to be able to see how the Lord is in charge and He can help us grow from those experiences in our lives. He is anxious and ready to help us in our challenges,” Williams said