Madison High School’s annual event, Madison Presents, will have guest musicians Marvin Goldstein and Vanessa Joy. It’s happening tonight at 7:00 at the Madison Performing Arts Center.  

Madison Presents is a special fundraiser developed about six years ago by Madison High School. The goal is to help students who need help economically to participate in the Fine Arts program.  

There are around 250 to 300 students who are involved in this event. That includes those who sing in the choirthose who are in the school band, and those who are in the orchestra.  

It’s up-tempo, and fun and happy,” said David Hinck, choir teacher and director of the show. “All pieces kind of get your feet tappin’ and your fingers snappin.’”  

Hinck said students started practicing for this event after the Christmas break, but lots of rehearsals were cancelled due to the weather. However, this did not stop the Madison High School students from preparing for this special event.  

“We are just really grateful for our kids that have worked hard and brought this all together, Hinck said. “We try to teach them to not only be able to repeat what they heard but to be able to create on their own and not only repeat the notes that the notes that they had shown to them but be able to look at a page and know how to make it into music on their own.”  

You can buy tickets at Madison High School’s office or by clicking here.