Madison Library Summer Reading Program

The Madison Library will be hosting their Summer Reading Program starting June 4 through July 26.

The program is a way to help create a love of reading but also to help students keep their reading levels up to date.

During the summers, two months of reading skills are lost according to

Vivian Millius, the Children’s Service Librarian at Madison Library said there are two main reasons why they think the program is important, to help build a love of reading and also to help students not fall back in school during the summer.

“Often time’s young people finish up a grade and then over the tree month vacation break they have dropped back a whole grade level in almost every subject,” Millius said. “This really helps them to hit the ground running as the next school year begins.”

The theme of the program is called "Libraries Rock" and there are four different groups that the program will be available to: children, tweens, teens and adults.

“Our program really is for families and entire age groups so that everybody can enjoy clear through the whole summer and do something more than sitting around in a computer all day long or getting them off of their devices and intro a book,” said Gina Miller, the Youth Services Assistant at Madison Library.

Millius said they have received a lot of donations and support from the community.

“We have a very generous community and the businesses in the area are wonderful to work with,” Miller said. “We have over 60 sponsors with businesses that have given us coupons and that have given us cash. The hospital has purchased drawstring backpacks for all of the 2500 children that we anticipate signing up. ”

Miller said if they added up all the money and donations they have received it came out to over $100,000.

There will be challenges which will be geared for every age group and there will be prizes for those who complete the program. Millius said the program is a self-paced program so people can take one week to complete the challenges or the full eight weeks.

You can sign up for the program online at or by going directly to Madison library.