After seven long years of waiting, Lt. Steve Young finally achieved his goal of attending the FBI National Academy. Young works for the Chubbuck Police Department and became a lieutenant last March. This is one of the few requirements you need to be accepted into the FBI National Academy.

The number of officers who get the privilege of receiving this training is few. Lt. Young explained why officers would want to go back to training to receive such an honor and why he kept waiting for all those years to be accepted.

"It’s not something you would normally want to do,” he said. “You go through an academy when you start as a police officer and then to go through another academy, a three-year academy, away from home can be daunting.”

Being selected into the academy is quite the accolade. The 274th Session of the FBI National Academy was held in Quantico, Virginia and Lt. Young was one of the 250 officers who participated. Lt. Young expressed the privilege of being selected to represent the state of Idaho.

“Only the top one percent of police administrators get to go to this type of training nationwide,” he said. “I was very excited about it. We have got two other graduates in house, the Chief of Police Bill Guiberson, and my Captain Gene Higgins are also graduates. Hearing about the experiences they had, the education they gained, and the networking they had was very appealing to me.”

Lt. Young said if you want to enter the field it is a great field to be in and that service is not something that should be taken for granted when you can come out and serve every day.