Author, Blogger, Mother, Wife and Convert. Seven years ago Al Fox Carraway's life plans were missing these points. Then she met the Missionaries.

Through a process of trusting God and relying on the power of prayer, she decided to be baptized despite the opposition she received from her family.

After her baptism she packed up her things and moved from Rochester New York to Provo Utah and then everything changed. People began to treat her differently because of what she looked like with her tattoos. A man at a restaurant saw her holding a Teaching of the Presidents lesson manual and then commented about how she probably be holding the book thinking it didn't belong to her. Carraway was heartbroken.

"It never occurred to me that my appearance could cause such a trial in my life," she wrote in her book. "How can be things be so hard when I was trying to follow the Spirit?"

Following her experience she became self conscious of who she was and why she had made the decision to move to Utah. She would wear long sleeve shirts even in the summer time to cover her tattoos and her fear of being judged by those who saw her.

"When you're not comfortable with yourself you're not comfortable with pretty much anything in your life," said Carraway. "Once you come to a grasp of you and who you are, you're pretty much unstoppable. Life is so much better."

Carraway's life changed again when she saw the beauty behind loving and accepting yourself. She kept moving forward and trusting God and accepting what He gave her. As she trusted God she was able to rebuild her relationship with her dad, get married and have two children. Carraway now continues her blog at alfoxshead.blogspot.com and she also, upon request, visits different firesides to share her story.