Jake Chamberlain is a local Rexburg musician who has opened for artists like T-Pain, among others.

Chamberlain is currently working on his second EP album for iTunes, which he plans to release this summer, with the help of donators on his Kickstarter campaign, which will launch later this month.

"I've been writing a lot, I've made a lot changes in my life," Chamberlain said. "We have some new songs we want to record, and I have a new direction for where I want to take things."

Chamberlain said donators for the Kickstarter campaign will receive exclusive merchandise, the chance to contribute lyrically to the music, a possible appearance in the music video for the single and many other perks including a copy of his next EP as well as his original EP, "Miss Trouble."

Chamberlain said he's been singing since he was just a toddler and he's loved it ever since.

"I think everyone has a reason why they're here, and I think everyone has different skillsets and talents for the way they can connect with people, and give something to the world," Chamberlain said. "And I really think that this is mine - I think its music. It's what I love to do and I've been fortunate enough to have some success in it."

His said his budget for the new EP is much higher than his original album, which he produced on a budget of roughly $2,700.

Chamberlain's music is available on Spotify, iTunes and Soundcloud.

For more information on his upcoming EP and the Kickstarter campaign, visit his Facebook page.

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