Many musicians have dreams of making it big, and Carry On, Kid is one step closer.

Carry On, Kid is a band made up of four BYU-Idaho students. Christian Anderson, Curtis Gough, Michael Menendez and Cameron White formed their band through mutual friends on a Facebook page called BYU-I Musician's Network. They quickly connected and began writing their own music. Only a year later, Carry On, Kid has signed a record deal with Hidden Home Records in Boise, Idaho. 

Anderson explained that it all started after someone from the record company saw a live video of the band practicing on Facebook.

"I got a text that said, 'Hey, you need to call me, I need to talk to you, it's really important,'" Anderson said. "I thought, 'Oh, I don't know what's up.' Anderson said he called the number and a representative from the company said he saw the live video and liked their songs.

 "[He said] I don't care what it's going to take, I want to sign you and want to release this record.'" Anderson said. "So, I texted the guys, and we were just super stoked."

The band had a tough time describing their genre of music, saying they play a lot of different styles. 

"The style of Carry On, Kid very much fits the kind of early to mid 2000s, emo, punk rock thing that was going on," said Gough. 

The band said they try to create the ups and downs of life through their music and because each of the band members are different, their songs are original and unique. Carry On, Kid plans to do a few shows between semesters and hopes to finalize their album by mid-May. 

Their music is available on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube or their Facebook page