Tim Goodsworth, the Treasurer for the Bingham Arts Council and art teacher at Snake River High School, started the Legacy Art Show at the Candy Jar Art Gallery in Blackfoot to commemorate the artwork contributions of retired and elderly Bingham County residents. The art show also stands as a posthumous display of work completed by residents who have passed away. 

“This show showcases those who have blazed the trail…We focused on an age group that is basically retired and older, and those who have actually passed their test here on earth and moved on into eternity… And so, we have a show focusing on the contributions they have set and the legacy they have left for us as artists in this community,” he said. 

The Art Council’s goal is to bring art to life through showcases like this and to preserve the legacy of great artists. The Legacy Art Show includes watercolor, acrylic, oil, and charcoal art of wildlife, landscape, portraiture, still life and contemporary subjects.

“It’s a pretty big variety. You know, the artists choose what they were inspired to paint and so it kind of showcases their love, and their love of this area because they grew up here,” Goodsworth said. 

The art show closes on Nov. 19. For more information about future displays and art shows at the Candy Jar Art Gallery, please visit their website.