Cover of the book "Saints: The Standard of Truth"

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a new church history book today.

"Saints: The Standard of Truth" is the first of four volumes in the narrative collection of early saints.

The last time the Church of Jesus Christ published an official multi-volume history was nearly 90 years ago.

Scott Hales, who was part of the team who wrote the narrative history, said the publication was for saints all around the world, regardless of their education.

"This is a story for all saints...Wherever the church is... whatever nationality... we want to reach them with this narrative," Hales said.

Steve Snow, a church historian, said the volumes draw from the Joseph Smith Papers.

"The work from the Joseph Smith Project has been invaluable, particularly in this first volume, because the work has been so comprehensive," he said.

"Saints: The Standard of Truth" tells stories of the early saints in a writing technique that's easy to comprehend.

"President Brigham Young urged church historians to write in a narrative-style," Snow said in the news conference, "and write only about one-tenth part as much."

Hales said the team meticulously assured the book's historical integrity, while it unfolded in a conversational and story-telling way.

"Saints: The Standard of Truth" is now available online for free to read and listen to or you can buy it for $5.75 from the church's distribution center found inside Deseret Book.