Emeritus General Authority Seventy Elder Lawrence E. Corbridge of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spoke to BYU-Idaho students and faculty today in a forum address entitled, “Finish the Course and Keep the Faith.”

Corbridge focused on what he called, “the essential problem in life” - separation from God. He then emphasized that Jesus Christ bridges the gap if we will follow Him.  

The address was focused on a syllogism, a form of reasoning that is formatted as A, B, therefore C. He explained the syllogism used in “Finish the Course and Keep the Faith” during an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio.  

“A. The essential problem in life is separation from God our Eternal Father and without God, chaos, darkness, and death prevail,” Corbridge said. “B. Jesus Christ bridges the gap if we will believe and follow Him to the end. He is the way offsetting chaos, He is the truth offsetting lies, He is the life offsetting death. C. Therefore, cross the bridge and close the gap. Follow Christ to the end and help others do the same.” 

Corbridge formed his address through a book he wrote. After receiving direction from the First Presidency of the Church of Jesus Christ to present the manuscript in shorter segments, Corbridge took a part of his writings and formed the address by taking the manuscript from 500 pages to 19.  

Although perfection can be daunting, Corbridge encouraged listeners to look to Jesus Christ as our standard. As Elder Corbridge spoke, he bore testimony of Jesus Christ as he invited students to follow Him.  

“He is the reason for living… He is the truth, and He will make us free,” Corbridge said. “He is perfect love and casts out all fear. He is hope. He is the resurrection and the life… He is the creator… He is the light that shineth in the darkness He the Lord and the redeemer… He is the Christ.”