Sister Kynda Roberts gave a devotional on the campus of BYU-Idaho today and talked about what a true hero is. 

 In her address she shared her love for Wonder Woman as a young girl and how she would pray to have super powers like her hero. After time she became discouraged as she realized she was still waiting for her powers. She then asked her mom why she had not received her powers. 

"Maybe Heavenly Father doesn't need you to be Wonder Woman," she quoted her mother saying to her. "'Maybe he just needs you to be Kynda."

Sister Roberts then shared multiple verses of scripture in 1 Nephi verses 1,2 and 6 that highlight her point: heroes are ondinary people. She said she loves reading those verses because they are more relatable to readers. 

"I would be worried too! I would complain too!" said Roberts. "In the end, Sariah is a regular person. She is faithful. She is strong. She is resilient and she is human!"

She then spoke about pacing ourselves toward the Celestial Kingdom and how, with the right rhythm, we will neither be overwhelmed nor underwhelmed towards that goal. She related that experience to how she prepared for the Boston Marathon in 2013, the same year the bombs went off and affected many people, but she still noticed heroes that day as well. 

"Most of what we noticed were the small and simple things," said Sister Roberts in an interview. "There was just a lot of comradery, a lot of support, people answering questions, giving directions and just trying to allay peoples fears." 

Sister Roberts explained how she was able to learn about pacing herself spiritually and athletically. She compared this experience to a time when her daughter made her a picture while in kindergarten. Even though her daughter had mispelled the word "beautiful" she was not worried about her daughter's future spelling abilities. She knew there was plenty of time to learn to spell words correctly. 

"Heavenly Father feels the same way about us!" said Sister Roberts said in her devotional. "I bet he is thinking that you and I are exactly where we need to be at this point in our development....we are learning and we are on the path to perfection. True heroes take baby steps."

Listen to the devotional below or click here to watch the video or read the transcript.