Today’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker wanted people to know the hand of God is in their lives, even in their darkest of times.

Wade Gordon shared the story of one of his family’s trials. He said he was at his wife's grandmother's funeral when he got the call from his daughter saying a fire had broken out at their home, but all the children were safe.

“I then had a distinct impression to tell her to take everyone over to specific neighbor’s home because someone would be there to help them out,” Gordon said.

He told the students at devotional that his wife started to look worried as text messages started coming in from family and friends, but knowing their children were fine they continued with the funeral. Once it was over, they began their journey back to Rexburg.

This is an experience that led him to title his devotional talk, “Know Ye not that You are in the Hands of God?” Gordon asked the students, “Do you feel and recognize the guiding hand of God the Father and his son Jesus Christ in your own lives? Do you notice their workings even in the small and seemingly unimportant moments throughout your day? Can you feel the love they have for you even in the most difficult of circumstances?”

On returning home they found that with the combination of fire and smoke damage their entire house was gone.

Seeing the damage, they felt overwhelmed, others around them also had witnessed the flames and knew what the family was going through. But, Gordon said, that might not be the case with all trials.

“Others may not even be aware of our circumstances or how challenging or overwhelming our trials can be,” Gordon said. “But I testify that our loving Heavenly Father is aware of you and is ready to send his love, life you up and guide you through whatever test you have been given.”

Gordon told the students about many different blessings his family had received because of promptings from Heavenly Father and the kindness of other people.

Despite having lost everything, Gordon said in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio he and his wife never felt bitter. From the first moments of getting the call they felt God in their lives.

“We weren’t what this would end up looking like but we felt an indescribable feeling of calm come over us and I know that was Heavenly Father letting us know he was aware,” Gordon said. “That love we felt made it very real to us, we knew he was mindful of us – we were in his hand and he was in charge.”

In going through this Gordon said they have been able to understand and even help others going through trials.

“I have a quote in my office by Elder Holland… [that says] ‘be kinder than necessary because everybody is fighting some sort of battle,’” Gordon said.

Gordon ended his devotional talk with a challenge.

“Look for the Lord's hand in your life this week and prayerfully find someone you can share your experience with,” Gordon said. “As you do so, others will be lifted, faith will increase and the love of our Heavenly Father and the Savior will be felt.”