The Rexburg Kid’s Discovery Center is a local children’s center focused on providing hands-on opportunities for children to play, create, and learn.

Their website,, states the center’s mission is to “enhance the lives of children and enrich the community it serves.”

Maegen Scholes, manager of Kidsburg, spoke in an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio as they prepare for their season to begin—as it does each year—on Halloween. She explained the kind of experience they hope to create for families and children when they come to Kidsburg.

“We like to encourage people to imagine they’re in different places like mom and dad would go in Rexburg,” Scholes said. “Little kids can come in and they can have imaginary play through the little [imaginary] towns we have in Kidsburg.”

Kidsburg was designed to provide opportunities for kids to learn and play during the cold, winter months in Rexburg. It’s open from Halloween through the end of April each year. This season, they’ll close on May 2, 2020.

The center kicks off this week with a trick-or-treating event. Free treats, soccer games, cake walks and more are all featured at the carnival that’s open to the public.

“It’s completely free and we invite all families to dress up, come on out, have a free day at Kidsburg and see a bunch of local vendors here in town,” Scholes said.

Visitors will also be able to preview updates that have been made at Kidsburg since last year’s session ended this spring.

The entire 2,000 square feet of Kidsburg is located inside The Zone in Rexburg. It’s open to kids of all ages, but it’s designed especially for children ages 18 months to 8 years old.

“Kidsburg is a great, fun, clean area for people to come and play,” Scholes said. “We really like when parents interact and play with their kids and they learn from each other. We just want to invite everybody to come this fall and winter to enjoy a fun place to go with the family.”

The Rexburg Kid’s Discovery Center plans to have more events throughout this season. Information about those events will be posted on their website and Facebook page, “Kidsburg: Rexburg’s Kid’s Discovery Center.”

For regular attendance, all adults are admitted to Kidsburg for free and $4 is charged for children 1-year-old or more. Various season passes and packaging options are available, as well.

However, the Halloween event, which runs on Halloween day from noon-4 p.m., is free for all ages. Those attending are invited to come and go as they please at the event.