BYU-Idaho Radio · Karleigh Ray Interview

Karleigh Ray is the founder and owner of Dip’d, a food truck located in the Pocatello/Chubbuck area. 

Dip’d serves hot, dippable sandwiches due to the fact that dipping just makes food better, Ray says. 

Ray started the business when she reached a point in life where she just felt like she needed to do something new and after she had worked in the restaurant industry for years. 

“I couldn’t sleep one night and I just decided, you know what, I cook really well,” Ray said. “Food is just something that comes naturally, so I might as well just open a food trailer.” 

She says she decided to open a food trailer because it is significantly cheaper than a traditional brick and mortar restaurant. She also liked the appeal of being able to take the restaurant around to different locations. 

Each recipe she uses is Ray’s original recipe. 

She has only been open for a month officially, but Ray says every week has been busier in terms of numbers. 

“The more that the word of mouth spreads the more and the more that people are talking to each other about it, the more it will take off,” Ray said. “I did this as a follow your dreams and see where they take you situation, so right now I have zero complaints about business.” 

There are no plans to expand as of yet, Ray says she wants to focus on just the trailer right now.  

However, if an opportunity arises in the future she will not be opposed to expansion. 

“I don’t plan on expanding to another food trailer as of right now and we will just go from there,” Ray said. “This whole thing could just take off and we could go into the catering side of things as well which would be great.” 

You can find Dip’d on Facebook at Dip’d Poky. On her Facebook page you will be able to see what the menu is and where the truck will be located that day.