BYU-Idaho Radio · John Reed's devotional address: Using the Book of Mormon in Our Lives

BYU-Idaho students have a better idea about how to apply the teachings from the Book of Mormon to their own lives after this week’s devotional address. 

John Reed, a CNA and the university operations facilities asset coordinator at BYU-Idaho, addressed BYU-Idaho students and faculty Tuesday. Reed spoke about the importance of applying the Book of Mormon into our daily lives. In his address, he shared examples from the Book of Mormon that can be applied to current-day challenges.  

Reed suggested that those who feel discouraged after trying something new and failing might relate to Nephi and Sam. The brothers had to try several times before they got the plates from Laban.  

"We will likely face some hard things that challenge us to our very core, just like Nephi did,” Reed said. “But we should move forward anyway with the faith of Nephi trusting in the Lord and things seem to turn out alright in the end.”  

He also spoke about Ammon’s example of ministering.  

“Ammon shows up at Lamoni's home where he is met with a not so friendly reception,” Reed said. “Ammon is even threatened, but he does not retaliate, and neither should we. And because of his kindness and willingness to be of service to the king, or in our case our neighbor, they became friends.” 

Reed counseled listeners who minister individually to family members who struggle to think about Alma who ministered individually to his sons. The Book of Mormon prophet gave each son unique council based on their needs.  

“Maybe a lesson from these examples is to meet the needs of each family member as an individual, never give up, and keep loving them,” Reed said.  

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Reed emphasized that all of the Book of Mormon’s teachings testify of Jesus Christ. 

BYU-Idaho Radio · An interview with John Reed about his recent devotional

“Knowing who the Savior is and knowing what he really did, that he knelt in Gethsemane for us and he hung on that horrible, tortuous cross for us… It's testified again and again and again in the Book of Mormon… It’s confidence to me that we can make it, that we can get through this,” Reed said.