Once you start the performing life, it seems you can't give it up. At least that is what happened to Jason Lyle Black.

Black first had one of his first opportunities to be on the big stage is when John Smidt invited Black to perform on stage with him.

He graduated with a degree in accounting from BYU but at the time couldn't make up his mind on what he wanted to do.

"Should I go the tried and true career path of a corporate career or go out and seek to make it with in the music industry and fight that battle," Black said. "A few years into my accounting career realized I was in the wrong profession and quit to pursue music full time."

The decision to pursue music largely came from the realization that he was spending all of his free time writing and recording music.

"I was spending all of my free time doing a different job," Black said.

"It's been a long but exciting journey," Black said.

For his returning concert, he has a lot of planned including youth who will perform on stage, audience requests and will even bring a small band to perform with as well.

Recently he has released a new album called "A Friend Like Me," a new album featuring Disney music. many songs on the album he will be performing on Saturday.