For students at BYU-Idaho who haven’t graduated yet, it’s a great idea to learn from those graduates about what they wished they could have done better and what life is like since they graduated. Janessa Wright graduated with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in piano. She said there are some things she has learned since graduating when it comes to careers.

“God should come first, doing things every day to strengthen your spiritual wellbeing always gave me time for schoolwork and for everything else,” she said.

One of her favorite aspects of BYU-Idaho was having the opportunity to be in a spiritual environment while also getting an education. She has seen how putting the Lord first can benefit your life.

“The importance of being disciples and setting goals and working towards those goals,” she said.

Many students, when they start their educations, decide to change their major or minor. Wright knew from the very beginning that she wanted to help others as a psychology therapist and also wanted to continue to improve her piano skills.

Since she was sure of her goals, she didn’t have to change her major. However, she also says it’s best to figure out what you want your first couple of semesters instead of changing your plan your last semester. What she advises is to do internships and work experiences in what you are studying to give you a better insight into your career path.

“I know too many people who graduate and get a job in the field they study in and end up hating it and they feel like they wasted their time in school,” she said.

Wright advises the students to adjust their schedule to get experience when they are in school so you can know from your own personal experience if you would like a different career field.

She said she wished she could have had better relationships with her professors to ask them questions about what the career field is like and how they can be prepared. There are many professors who are wanting to help, but as students we just need to reach out and ask them for advice. As you do your research, have a goal and get personal experience so you will feel better prepared for the future.