Janalyn Holt will replace Christopher Mann as the CEO and president of the Rexburg Area Chamber of Commerce this coming January. Holt feels that her knowledge as a previous business owner will give her insider understanding about the needs of the business community in Rexburg. In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, she explained why this new position is a perfect fit for her. 

“My husband and I had owned a business for 13 years. I also was involved in community events, and then our kids were very involved in the community through school things, and I loved all three of those components. And, when this job posting became available, I thought ‘Oh my goodness! That is just all the things that I love to do.’ So, when I applied, I was really hopeful, and it ended up working out,” Holt said. 

Since being hired, she has been shadowing Mann who is set to retire in December. Her training often includes visiting businesses and business owners in person. Holt expressed a curiosity to know the ground-level vision for local industry growth and success. 

“With this job opportunity, one of my favorite things is just meeting people and finding out why they started a business, and what they’d love to do with it, and how it’s working. So, I’m so excited,” Holt said. 

Holt has decided to adopt some of the same principles Mann used during his time as president and CEO of the Chamber. This includes promoting local businesses, educating business owners on patterns of success, and connecting with the community. She feels maintaining these standards will greatly benefit the business scene in Rexburg.  

“I am one of those that will be a forever cheerleader. I want every business to succeed regardless honestly if they’re part of the Chamber, but I think as we come together as a Chamber community, we can help support and make each other successful, so that is a goal for January,” Holt said.