BYU-Idaho Radio · Jake Romney Devotional: "Steadfastness in Christ"

In order to ensure we are not sifted as wheat, we need to continuously be converted, said this week’s BYU-Idaho devotional speaker. 

“We see in the scriptures and church history that anyone can fall away from the covenant path if they aren’t careful,” said Jake Romney, the dean of Online Programs at BYU-Idaho. “Even marvelous return missionaries can fall away if they get too caught up in the things of the world and let go of the Iron Rod.” 

He gave multiple examples of people in the scriptures who remained steadfast in their testimony of Christ.  

One of the main people he talks about is Ruth. He spoke about how Naomi pleaded for Ruth and Orpah to return to their homes in order to marry again and while Orpah left tearfully, Ruth stayed behind.  

BYU-Idaho Radio · Jake Romney Interview

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio, Romney explained why it was so important in his eyes to include Ruth’s story in his talk, both because it is the first time the word ‘steadfast’ appears in the scriptures, but also because of the women in his own life. 

“I can think of so many in my life who are just faithful women, who like Ruth exhibit those qualities of steadfastness and consistency and just that unstoppable determination to follow the Savior and do what’s right,” Romney said. 

The importance of remaining steadfast can be seen throughout the scriptures, but none more explicitly stated than in Lehi’s dream. 

“[Lehi’s dream] teaches us how to draw closer to the Savior despite the opposition of the Adversary and the world,” Romney said. “Satan’s temptations are relentless.” 

Lehi is a perfect example of what we can do at this moment, Romney says. 

“Lehi refused to walk away from the Savior, his love, and his grace,” Romney said. “We can do the same.”