Integrated Counseling and Wellness has opened its third location in Idaho, a new clinic on Main Street and North 1st East in Rexburg. This clinic has a focus on treatment for eating disorders.  

"The clinic that just opened is the Rexburg eating disorder center which in addition to treating anxiety and depression and general things, specializes in eating disorders," said Noah Carrico, the executive assistant to the CEO. 

East Idaho has had a historical lack of access to certified eating disorder specialists, according to Carrico. He says becoming a mental health specialist requires a lot of schooling. On top of a bachelor's and master's degree, Carrico says a prospective clinician needs to go through about three years of training before they are ready to treat patients on their own. 

The clinic offers services for other things, including marriage counseling, assistance with trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD and medication management. 

You can contact integrated counseling and wellness at 844-907-0749, or you can visit its website Here.