BYU-Idaho Radio · Idaho National Laboratory opens the EBR-1 Nuclear Museum after a two-year wait

If you're looking for something to do this summer check out one of the most significant historical points in Idaho history. The world's first nuclear powerplant that kickstarted a revolution in energy, EBR-1 at Idaho National Laboratory. 

"You get to hear about the men who wrote their name on the wall in chalk in chalk on December 20th and 21st when they first created power from a nuclear reactor," said Liza Raley a tour ambassador with INL.

The museum is a great way to take a break while still learning about new things, and there are activities for people of all ages. 

Because of the pandemic, the museum was closed for two years, and on its opening, this summer came excitement. 

"It was incredible ... by 9:15 (a.m.) we had people at the door... and the first group of people said, 'We have been watching the website and waiting and waiting and waiting for you to be open again,’" Raley said.

Admission is entirely free and even includes a tour. You can learn more about the museum here.