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Most brothers fight.

Some brothers, however, have so much passion for writing and performing music they start a band together. 

Music came easy for Ben and Chad Truman. Their band name came pretty easy as well; The Truman Brothers.

Chad said they don't remember wanting to start a band, it just happened.

"The band was in a lot of ways an accident. It wasn't like, 'Hey, I'm a singer, you're a player, let's get together and start a band.' We were just brothers with common interests and different strengths." 

Ben said being in a band with your brother is tough but worth it. 

"You know what's tough about being in a band is bands break up because of arguments and disagreements, especially being in a band with your brother. Brothers fight by nature so it's always been hilarious for us... It's funny because we're two brothers in a band but we've managed to be doing this for almost ten years now." 

The Truman Brothers have two EPs and one full-length album. 

Find their music on Facebook, YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music. Click below to hear the full episode.