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There's nothing better than feeling a beat drop. 

Jerren Devine, Sean Deniston, and Jordan Henrie make up the band Lucky Mint and know a thing or two about dropping beats.

"We wanted to something refreshing so we wanted to go more electronica and top 40 pop and we thought it was really fun so that's how Lucky Mint came about," said Devine.  

Lucky Mint's music is mostly computer based with an emphasis on drums. Devine provides the vocals, Deniston plays drums and Henrie plays guitar.

They've been making music together for a few years and often play shows in and around Rexburg, Idaho. Their newest CD is called "Faster Now," where they hope to take listeners on a journey.

"It's about chasing a feeling," said Henrie. "We're really into songwriting around one topic and one feeling and with this record, we wanted to capture what it feels like to go for a drive."

You can find Lucky Mint's music on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Click below to hear the full episode.