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It's amazing what one summer can do to influence someone.

For Nathan Pacheco, a summer trip to Italy and Brazil, "the summer of dreams," as he puts it, helped him decide to pursue music as a full-time career.

"As I was immersing myself in these incredible cultures and performing," said Pacheco. "I just kept thinking, 'Hey, how do I make this my job?'" 

Pacheco said his faith has had a major impact on his career as a musician.

"The feeling when I sing, I feel closer to the Lord. I feel that it can even be a spiritual experience and help me feel close to the Lord like reading my scriptures," said Pacheco. "It helps me not only feel happy because I love music, but it also makes me happy because it helps me feel close to the Lord." 

You can find Pacheco's music on his website or on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Click below to hear the full podcast episode.