Nick and Skylar Miller have been married for about seven years and are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Nick had a band in high school and Skylar remembers going to some their shows. Since they've been married they formed their own band, Rara Avis. The Miller's said they wanted an interesting sound, which came with an interesting band name. 

"I honestly think we were just putting names into Google and seeing what would come up, but it was a cool name," said Nick. "It's Latin for rare or strange bird. So I thought that kind of fit our sound. We try to sound different and sound unique. Blend different genres and come up with something that maybe isn't always heard and it was something that fit what we were going for I think." 

The Miller's live in Gilbert, Arizona and frequently play shows in the area. They collaborate with other musicians in the area when making their music.

"I feel inspired when I'm collaborating with other people. When I get to sit down and bounce ideas off other people so that's something that really feeds me creatively is being able to do that," said Nick. "So I think featuring different artists and other people that we like to play with and like to be around is a way that we can kind of keep our sound fresh and it keeps everything unique and different and it keeps the sound evolving I guess." 

Rara Avis' music can be found on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Click below to hear the full episode.