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A lot of high school kids hope to start a successful band. 

Utah natives, Jordan Zabriskie and Montana Smith dabbled in songwriting in high school when they wrote a song called Cinders. From there, their project grew into a full-fledged band. 

"Back in high school Jordan had written a song called Cinders and that was the first song he and I had played together," said Smith. "It was just a crappy, old song and so when we decided we wanted to make a band, we felt it was pretty fitting that the first song we played together was what the band name was going to be.”

Cinders is based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and is made up of Zabriskie, Smith, Adrian De La Cruz, Brad Bennett and Austin and Chelsey Harris. Zabriskie and Austin Harris met while serving missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Nashville, Tennessee. They met Adrian there and he later moved to Utah to join the band. Chelsey Harris was married in, literally, to Austin, and Bennett was the final member to join. 

Austin Harris said it's refreshing to be in a band with people who live a positive lifestyle. 

"With being in a band and in the music scene, you don’t always have the best examples in bands, of the way that people live their lives and everything," said Harris. "I think that’s a big goal for us and not just as a member of the Church but just as a person. None of us drink or smoke and it’s a lifestyle that we choose to live. I just think that’s a big driver for us to is being different than the typical band or the typical lifestyle of musicians.”  

Cinders has a self-titled album and an acoustic album. They are actively writing and recording new music and recently released a new single called 100 Foxes. You can find their music on their website, or on Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube. Click below to hear the full podcast episode.