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After a production of Les Miserables, three men in their 30s dared to dream.

Bradley Quinn Lever, Casey Elliot, and Brad Robins formed the singing trio, Gentri, in 2014 alongside pianist and composer Stephen Nielson. 

The dream of making a living as a performer seemed to have passed but Lever, Elliot, and Robbins started recording anyway and within a few months, Gentri was a full-fledged "man-band," as Lever puts it. 

Gentri classifies their music as "cinematic pop," which often includes a full orchestra and elements of movie scores. 

"We thought, 'What if we take some cinematic elements and mix it with a contemporary pop feel?'" said Elliot. "What's interesting about it is it's affected out demographic. You'll see older women and then pre-teens at the same concert, which you don't typically see very often and both are getting into the music equally in their own way. It's a unique sound and has been a way to kind of bridge that demographic gap." 

Gentri has four albums and you can find their music on their website, or on Youtube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Click below to hear the full podcast episode.