It's easy to form a bands. All you need is a drummer, guitarist, bassist, maybe a keyboard player and a singer. Motion Coaster, however, brings more to the table.

Motion Coaster is made up of eight members, Dee Kei Wadell, Mckay Salasbury, Jorge Murcia, Jarom Hansen, Michael Nishiguchi, Kamen Myers, Mckay Bowcut and Bau Ha. Half the band plays the typical band instruments, but the other half make up a full brass section.

The band started in Provo, Utah, and all band members are students at Brigham Young University. They're also members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and returned missionaries. 

Lead singer, Wadell said faith and religion have greatly influenced Motion Coaster's music.

"Secretly, most of our songs are religious," said Wadell. "When I write my lyrics, most of them are actually personal experiences I've had and they can be interpreted as love songs but really, when I wrote the lyrics, I was also thinking of them as a prayer to my Heavenly Father."

Motion Coaster's music can be found on their website, on YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. Click below to hear the full podcast episode.