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American Idol's season seven runner-up has made a name for himself around the world, especially in the LDS community. 

David Archuleta was only 17 when he appeared on the hit TV show. He said his life has been a roller coaster since then. He's toured, recorded many CDs, been featured in movies and TV shows and much more. But somehow, while following his dreams, he struggled to find happiness. 

"This journey the last few years, since American Idol, everything kind of exploded," said Archuleta. "Going to a place where millions of people know your name and have heard your music and have watched you. Going on tours, and being told what's most important in life and what you need to do to be happy and successful. Then try all those things and realize (you) don't feel happy.

It wasn't until he served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when he refound his purpuse in life. 

"You look around and other musicians are doing the same thing saying, 'Okay, I'm supposed to be happy but I'm obviously empty too so let me turn to other things. I'm going to turn to girls, and I'm going to turn to drugs or I'll turn to partying because the rush of being on stage and fans isn't enough for me. Money is not enough for me anymore. I need more.' And they never find it," said Archuleta. "Then I go on my mission and it's like, 'Oh! I don't have any of that anymore and I'm the happiest I've been in years!" 

Archuleta's new purpuse and happiness comes with new music. He has released two CDs since being home from his mission called Orion and Postcards in the Sky. 

You can find Archuleta's music on his website, YouTube, Spotify, or Apple Music. Click below to hear the full episode.