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A love for movies, Woody Allen, and Hollywood brought four friends together to write, record and perform music.

The band New Hollywood is made up of Chase Ford, Aaron Turley, Ethan Payne and Taylor Smith. They met through mutual friends and have been playing together for a little over a year. 

Ford said when it comes to writing music, he finds inspiration from others and the things he loves. 

“I think that I borrow heavily from a lot of things especially movies and other writers. Our band is called New Hollywood because I love movies a lot, especially Woody Allen, so I steal a lot of his ideas and ideas from lots of other places," said Ford. "I just keep an open eye, like 'Oh, that’s good, I’m gonna steal that,' and then I steal it. I’m not so much a musician as I'm a thief.” 

The band members are also members of The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Ford said meeting the Church's standards can be tough at times and he uses his own struggles to write music and better himself.

"Being a member of the Church has fueled a lot of my inner angst, so I think that's where a lot of my anger in the songs come from and a lot of joy as well," said Ford. "I think it's hard a lot of times just in general to be a member of the Church because there's such a high standard to be met and when you feel like you're not reaching it that produces angst... it's good material for song writing I would say." 

New Hollywood is based in Provo, Utah and has one album with a second one in the mix. You can find their music on Facebook, and Spotify. Click below to hear the full episode.