Being a part of history in some way or another is a phenomenal experience. 

Jason Call, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints, made history by being a part of the first band to receive one million downloads on the Internet. 

"Our success hit really quickly so we just went with it," said Call. "We put our music up on the internet and this was right when streaming music was new. We don't really know what caused it but one day we were really excited to get 100 downloads, then all of the sudden it was 10,000. Our name was so strange I think people clicked and it really just took off from there."

That band was Daphne Loves Derby, which Call and his friends started in junior high in Kent, Washington. They signed a record deal and were featured in movies and TV shows like Attack of the Show, The O.C., and So You Think You Can Dance. Call has since left the band and pursued a different path. He said a big part of leaving the band was his desire to serve a mission for the Church and have a family of his own. 

"I just knew that I was supposed to have a family and that kind of lifestyle is just hard on your soul, to be in a dark, dirty rock club every night," Call said. "Nothing against that but when you do it every day for years it's hard. I'm glad that I left when I did."

Call continues writing and recording music in his spare time. His first solo CD, "Mariner" came out in March 2015 and his second album called "Marathon" was realeased in 2017. 

Call's music is available on BandCampSpotifyApple Music and YouTube. Click below to hear the full episode.