The BYU-Idaho devotional speaker on Jun. 22 was Sister Kristen Ballou. Sister Ballou is a BYU-Idaho faculty member in the Academic Support department. In her devotional, she shared her thoughts on happiness and vulnerability.

“When you share a piece of what’s really happening in your life, you’re opening the door for a substantial conversation. You’re developing connection. Then, later, when your friend is struggling, he or she will be more likely to also share life challenges,’” Ballou said.  

She shared four suggestions to student about how to have greater happiness in life. Her four suggestions are to deeply connect with others, allow yourself to be happy today, forget ‘fair’ and trust the Lord.

“I invite you to prayerfully consider those suggestions and seek the Lord’s guidance about actions you can take to have a greater measure of happiness in your life. Most of all, I hope you come away from this devotional with the assurance that when you feel you are drowning in despair and you can barely breathe, Christ’s hand is extended. Trust Him and take His hand,” Ballou said.

In an interview with BYU-Idaho Radio before the devotional, Ballou spoke about her view of happiness.

“I think sometimes we have a misconception that if we are doing everything right, then it is just going to be smooth sailing. The challenges we experience can be a sign of Heavenly Father’s love,” Ballou said.