Brother Steven Owen and his wife Sister Jane Owen addressed the campus of BYU-Idaho today in a Devotional.

They shared experiences that helped them recognize the hand of God in their life and saw how listeners could allow God and this University change them.

Brother Owen started his address by sharing stories where he learned life lessons like not missing flights and being sure to fill up for gas when running low.

During his first semester at then Ricks college, Brother Owen decided to really read the Book of Mormon to prepare for his mission. He noted the change he had made while at Ricks college which he credits to the spirit felt at the university.

When he returned from his mission, Brother Owen wanted to transfer to BYU but felt prompted to return to Ricks college. Sister Owen then stepped up to the stand and shared their story of how they reconnected and fell in love and got married.

The Owens shared experiences from religious leaders throughout history who had their lives planned a certain way but in the end it did not turn out how they wanted it. Instead it worked out for the better.

They then encouraged listeners to have faith and believe in Gods plan for them and trusting in him to change them.

Listen to our interview and the devotional address below. Click here for the video and transcript.