Idaho Supreme Court
The Idaho Supreme Court held three oral arguments at BYU-Idaho on May 14.
Students, faculty and members of the community were invited to participate in the three hearings.
Courtney Bassett, a sophomore studying general studies, said she wanted to attend all three hearings because this what she hopes to do in the future.
“I have an interest in political science and one day the dream is to go to law school,” Bassett said. “I really like to listen to the oral arguments and it helps me think about my own point of view and what it’s founded on.”
Matthew Collins, a junior in Political Science, said he wants to work in a similar field so this would be a good experience to come to.
“What I’m hoping to get out is kind of see how Supreme Court proceedings happen, so when I go to work in a similar field I’ll have a better idea of what I am going to be doing.”
The hearings were Safaris Unlimited v. Von Jones, Westover v. ID Counties Risk Mgmt., and KDN Mgmt. v. Winco.
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